Benefit Effort for the Philippines/ Typhoon Haiyan

The people of the Philippines are in a drastic situation as a result of the brutal Typhoon that leveled much of the country. I am committing to donate the net proceeds from downloads of the song “Lady Storm” from my album “Moth Head Love,” to support the Red Cross efforts in the Philippines. I offered the proceeds from Lady Storm during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and I will now make it available for this current catastrophe.

The people of the Philippines are going to need a lot of help over the next few months at least. This initiative will be active for the next three months ending February 13, 2013.

Please download the song on and share this effort with friends and family on your relevant social media network. Music is a brilliant way to help people and situations that need awareness and financial support. Please join me in this effort by downloading Lady Storm. Enjoy the music and more importantly help many people in dire need right now.

Thank you,

With Love,


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