Moth Head Love: How the Title and Cover Art Emerged

Moth Head Arms

On a radiant summer morn, waking up everything felt right.

The earth, for a few moments, gave all lovers a chance to hold.

Opening the door to the day,

I noticed a massive insect attached to an outdoor chair.

MHL Interception

I realized it wasn’t one,

but two Blind Sphinx moths in a deep, entangled embrace.

They held, locked to one another for a brief eternity.

The creative moment of these moths was intercepted by myself and the camera.

That one interception continued to metamorphoses into a visual and conceptual study.

The figures under the moth image were from the same time.

As I worked with the various images, these two merged into one.


Moth Head 500


Moth Head Love became the working title of the cover art image.

Subsequently, it transformed again and became the album title.

In life and art I allow interceptions to guide, teach and challenge me

in recognizing these moments and reflecting on what signs may be speaking to my unconscious.

As I continued to explore different versions of the Moth Head Love Image,

Visual imagery related to specific songs from the album began to emerge.

The Pull


Following through on this exploration,

The process of photography and painting became a meditative and healing experience.

While the paint was drying,

I would move to the piano and delve back into music.

Woman in the Dunes500

I discovered that opening up to other creative fields,

And branching out from my focused medium, opened new creative portals.



Moths are creatures that are both creative and destructive.

They are creatures of transformation.

They are varied and adaptable.

The Human mind can be described as such.

Love = Transformation




S.R. Lynch

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